August 10, 2010

B-Wood's Hot Slurpy Kisses !

Here's a dekko at some of the Bollywood's hottest kisses!

1. Hrithik - Barbara

Hrithik Roshan and Mexican actress Barbara Mori set the screen afire with their hot scenes and smooches in the movie Kites. The kiss almost spoilt the marital kiss-mat of the Roshans, rumors say.

2. John - Abhishek

Their Dostana made the headlines and their deep throat smooching in the end had Karan Johar happy and GAY as he went smiling all the way to the bank! Great chemistry between the two, we must admit!

3. Akshay - Denise

The Wild Ones Hollywood actress Denise Richards was paid a pretty penny to lip lock with our desi handsome hunk, Akshay! Kambakth Ishq still bombed in spite of the bombshell!

4. Hrithik - Aishwarya

The passionate liplock of the tow gorgeous people in Dhoom 2 had the right faction breathing fumes in a heavy frenzy!

5. Amrita - Ishaa

The two kiss-misses romped together in Girlfriend. The film was supposed to be about a 'sensitive' issue - homosexuality!

6. Mallika - Emraan

Mallika fulfilled the Kisses ki Kwashish of the Indian cinegoers. She just would not stop her smooches with the serial kisser, Emraan. The viewers were just panting for more when Murder came along!

7. Amitabh - Rani

Their liplock in Black was meant to be a moment of revelation. But the kiss had the moralists fuming! Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion!

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