April 11, 2011

Naked protest against royal wedding?

Anarchists are planning to wreck Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding celebrations by staging a naked protest - dressed only in balaclavas.

Organisers have invited members of swingers' groups to take part and have also held talks with adult filmmakers to record an alternative wedding video on April 29.

The dress code for the risque demonstration, which is being organised by anti-establishment groups including Lunarchy, Sluts Against Cuts and members of the International Union Of Sex Workers, is simply balaclavas for men and balaclavas plus red lipstick for women.

William KateMembers of a group called Meltdown, which organised the G20 demonstrations, are in charge of recruiting swingers and producing a blue movie of the event.

"The top police are saying they're enforcing a ring of steel, a sterile zone, around the route of the royal procession. They are making it clear they want absolute monarchy on the day, a highly controlled Royal production, policed militarily with snipers on the roof. The last thing you want at a Royal Wedding is sterility. You want the opposite, fertility," the Daily Express quoted ringleader Chris Knight as saying.

"You can't plan an orgy, but that's what we intend. It's going to be a very sexy event," he added.

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